A DAD who was in a coma after a suspected hit-and-run has been discharged from hospital.

Shay Joyner was knocked off his bike as he crossed Broadmayne, in Basildon, on May 2, and was left with serious head injuries.

Police say the driver did not stop.

Shay was taken to Basildon Hospital before being transferred to Queen’s Hospital, in Romford, after suffering with swelling on the brain.

The 23-year-old’s mum, Caryn Joyner, 50, is over the moon that her son has recovered and was relieved to get the call from the hospital on Tuesday.

She said: “I can’t thank everyone enough for their prayers and kind messages.

“When I picked him up I gave him the biggest hug and he said: ‘Mum, I need a KFC’.

“All he could think about was food as he hadn’t eaten properly for two weeks.

“He still needs to rest and go back for aftercare and is struggling to sleep and forgets what time it is.

“But he is so happy to be home with his family.”

Doctors told Caryn her son would be able to go home as no physiotherapy was needed.

And the happy mum says the timing was perfect as Shay was starting to get impatient and was desperate to come home.

She added: “Shay was adamant he was breaking out as people were in more need them him.

“Shay’s little boy Maynard was so happy his dad is home as he had been gone for so long.

The family had to tell five-year-old Maynard that his dad was in hospital because to get treatment for a sore tooth, as he suffers with toothache a lot, to try not to worry him and to explain why they weren’t able to FaceTime each other.

Caryn was devastated that she could not have any contact with Shay while he was in hospital because of the Covid-19 pandemic, even when he went into a coma, but after he came around from the coma and became very distressed and confused, Caryn was able to visit him once.