FEARS are continuing to grow as travellers refuse to leave after a 12-day stint on an Eastwood field.

Police were called to the site, off Snakes Lane, shortly before 7.20pm on May 10, after two caravans and two vehicles were spotted pitching up.

Ever since, an encampment has remained on the field, next to David Lloyd leisure centre, with at least six caravans being seen on the grounds on Wednesday.

The arrival has been met with outrage by residents, who claim travellers have kept them up by blasting noise and music into the middle of the night.

St Laurence councillor Mark Flewitt, said: “Yesterday morning alone I had four residents onto me about the situation. It appears Wednesday night was pretty bad for those nearby, who have complained travellers were making lots of noise and playing music loudly. They have even claimed that it sounded as if there were people in the exterior pool at David Lloyd.

“It’s just sad, we have elderly residents who are living in the nearby area that have opened their windows at night because it’s hot out, to be disturbed in this way.

“I’m now waiting to hear back from council officers on getting a section 113 possession order, which is used when squatters take possession of a land without licence.

“The council has given them a letter asking them to leave within the next seven days, and if they don’t it can then go to court where if the judge is satisfied, they can then grant the order which is then served at the site.

“I’m now trying to find out what the next steps are, but the ball is rolling to move them on.”

Despite concerns, Essex Police have worked with site management at David Lloyd to confirm use of the outdoor pool was related to anti-social behaviour from youths in the area.

On Wednesday however, the Echo revealed how a police probe had been launched to investigate claims a traveller from the site had thrown a deckchair at a woman and her dog as she walked through the field.

The woman, who is in her 40s, reported she was verbally abused by a traveller, who “threatened to kill her”.

Martin Terry, community safety councillor, added: “We have spoken to the police who will be keeping a watchful eye. We are looking to seek an injunction and get this sorted.”