A DRUNKEN thug bit a police officer’s arm after refusing to take off his wedding ring.

Sam Evans has been jailed for six months for hurling abuse at police officers while being arrested and then biting one when being restrained on the floor.

The 30-year-old was arrested on April 7 this year during the middle of the UK lockdown against the coronavirus.

Evans, of North Street, Rochford, was jailed at Chelmsford Crown Court on Friday.

The court heard police officers found Evans heavily intoxicated and put him in the back of a police van to take into custody.

While in the back of the van, Evans yelled swear words and abuse at the officers who were driving him.

When Evans was taken inside Grays Police Station, he was asked to remove all of his jewellery and give it to the officer in charge.

However Evans refused to take off his wedding ring and became enraged when the officers insisted.

This resulted in him being taken to the floor by the officer due to how aggressive he was becoming.

As they fell to the floor, one officer had his arm caught underneath Evans’ head, and Evans then bit hard into the officer’s forearm, leaving lasting red marks and causing the officer’s blood pressure to drop rapidly due to pre-existing medical condition.

The court heard this injury, while it healed, resulted in health issues for the officer and that he took longer to complete his probationary employment period.

Mitigating, Libby Anderson said that Evans was “ashamed and disgusted” at his behaviour and apologised to the officer.

She added: “The defendant tried to leave his past offending and begin a family with his wife.

“However, she miscarried with twins earlier this year, this contributed to Mr Evans’ state of mind at the time.

“He is a hard-working man who is extremely keen to access support and not fall back on alcohol abuse.”

Sentencing Evans, Judge Samantha Cohen described his behaviour as “appalling” and that police “already have enough to deal with” during the coronavirus pandemic.

Evans, who previously admitted assaulting an emergency worker, was given a six month prison sentence and must pay a charge of £122.