THERE will be Summer Lovin’ and A Million Dreams when three hit films come to a drive-in cinema in Southend.

An outdoor drive-in cinema will be installed in Garon Park at the end of July, for three days, and will give drivers the chance to watch films on a huge LED screen.

A 148 square meter screen at the cricket club will show the Greatest Showman, Grease and Bohemian Rhapsody on three consecutive nights which from July 31 to August 2.

A number of other films are set to be announced as Southend joins the socially distanced drive-in entertainment revolution that has swept the nation.

Sunset Drive-in, the Leigh based firm behind the new outdoor cinema, have said 150 cars, all two metres apart will be able to watch the films.

A total of seven films will be played across Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, with specific slots for children and families.

Martin James, one of the organisers, has said dozens of marshals will be on hand to make sure every screening runs smoothly.

He said: “Lots of Drive in events which use projectors can only show films at night but we wanted to appeal to the whole family, so we went with LED which work great in daytime too.

“We think people are ready to have some fun but we will of course be adhering to the Government guidelines that are in force at the time.

“Marshals will be there to direct people on where to park. They will also be making sure those using the toilets maintain social distancing in the queue and regular cleaning the toilets.

“We hope Southend supports the idea and comes along and watches.

“We know people are wary of gathering in large groups, but in cars, it’s a lot safer.

“We are pretty much weather proof, unless it’s very dangerous.

“The first three rows of cars are in the golden circle, which is slightly more expensive.

“Those with vehicles over one point six metres high will be asked to park nearer the back.

“Those in the golden circle must be under one point six metres high.”

Families will be able to singalong to the films, from the comfort of their own cars, “removing the awkardness” of singing in front of others.

If the outdoor drive-in cinema proves popular, bosses at Sunset Drive-in are hoping to hold another later in August, and potentially later in the year.

To book tickets, visit, where you can also find the schedule.