A FRESH bid to build 315 new homes behind Basildon Hospital is set to get the green light so work can commence.

Basildon Council’s planning committee has been asked to approve an application for the 315 homes, as well as a large element retail space, on the fields between Basildon Hospital’s site and Rantree Fold.

The bid was for the second phase of the broader development of the Nethermayne area - roughly the size of 50 football pitches - which has already seen outline planning permission approved for 250 homes.

Permission for this second phase of 315 homes was first approved in 2017, but work did not start, and now the developers have submitted a new application following a review.

The plans have been recommended for approval despite having objections raised including acces to the site from the neighbouring road of Fletchers.

In the report set to go before councillors on Tuesday it said: “Nine representations have been received objecting to the application on the grounds of overcrowding, traffic, dust, lack of landscape buffer at Fletchers, location of pumping station, working hours, and pedestrian pathway through Fletchers.

“Other points include loss of light, price of affordable housing, impact of development on doctors, and the timescale for the primary school to be built.”

Nethermayne ward councillors Kerry Smith and Derrick Fellowes also objected to the location of the proposed water pumping station over concerns for resident health, and that money should be provided to support a new GP surgery.

Council officers responded saying the water pumping station would be 15 metres away from any home, and that Environmental Health had raised no objections.

They also said that funds to contribute to health services had already been agreed.

The homes will be a mix of detached and semi-detached houses, plus at least ten flat blocks each with three stories.

Nine of the ten blocks will comprise a mix of one and two bed apartments, whilst one block will be a mix of commercial retail units on the ground floor.

The planning committee will meet on Tuesday to decide on the plans.