TWO people were rescued from rising tides off the coast of Southend.

The Southend Coastguard spotted the two people when out on duty in Shoebury yesterday afternoon.

The two people were spotted making their way out to Mulberry Harbour against the incoming tide.

The coastguard kept watch on the pair trying to figure out their intentions, and saw them get waist deep in the water, shortly before getting to a deep-water channel.

This cut them off, and they began to wave their arms to attract attention.

A spokesman for Southend Coastguard said: “They started to wave their arms for attention at least one mile out off the beach.

“We reported the two casualties to Dover Coastguard who alerted RNLI Southend Lifeboat who sent out the Southend Hovercraft.

“We used our emergency vehicle siren from shore to try and alert the two casualties that they had been spotted and help was on the way.

“While we called in the alert to Dover Coastguard with what the team were observing in front of them, the casualties also dialled 999 on their mobiles and asked for the coastguard knowing that they were in trouble.

“We then directed the Southend Hovercraft to the location of the two casualties who were then able to extract both casualties from the water just in time.”

The two people were delivered back to the shore near Southend Pier.

Southend Coastguard added: “We ask that you take a short amount of time to go online and check the tide times before setting out for the coast and also read local hazard signage."