TROLLEYS full to the brim with waste, broken glass and even a bottle of urine have been dumped outside a primary school by fly-tippers.

Rebecca Perman, headteacher at Eastwood Primary School and Nursery, has slammed the careless rubbish-droppers for blocking their fire gate with the mess and potentially putting staff and pupils lives at risk.

Beer cans and glass bottles were amongst the “distressing” litter, which was dumped on Rayleigh Road, Eastwood, along with black bags and garden waste.

Mrs Perman, who was forced to instruct parents to avoid the gate, said: “We are really sad that someone has deliberately chosen to block our fire gate and put our children and staff at risk. Beer cans and glass bottles were also in the waste, with lots of broken glass on the pathway.

“Since lockdown we have been using that entrance to ensure social distancing on the field. Children and their parents could have easily been hurt by the broken bottles.

"It’s very distressing and all the children who walked past yesterday morning were very upset.”

Daniel Cowan, who represents St Laurence, has also spoken of his disgust after the rubbish was dumped at the site on Tuesday.

Vowing to find those responsible, Mr Cowan said: “I have noticed an increase in fly-tipping incidents in recent months but none have disgusted me more than this. The school have even had to put out a last minute notice to parents to avoid that gate where it’s unsafe.

“We have conveniently located household waste and recycling centres as well as cost-effective garden waste and bulky items collection for those without their own transport in Southend.

“There is absolutely no excuse for fly-tipping anywhere, but especially outside a primary school leaving broken glass and bottles of urine where small children walk.

“These people should be utterly ashamed and I’ll be pressing for the council to use every lever at our disposal to identify those responsible. We think it was all dumped before 11pm and I already know the direction it came from, with a rubbish trail being left behind.”

A spokesperson from Southend Council, said: “Fly-tipping is a blight on the country, and something that should not be happening given the environmental impact of dumping waste.

"It is illegal and is totally unacceptable, especially given the risks associated with disposing waste inappropriately during the Coronavirus pandemic, and it diverts vital staff resources away from their critical work.

"If anyone has any information regarding this incident, please call us on 01702 215006, and please report any incidents of fly-tipping using MySouthend at .”