A DRIVER exceeded 100mph on the A127 before crashing into a lamppost as he fled police in a stolen car.

Police chased the car out of Southend and along the A127 at high speeds before the driver attempted to exit the road on the A128 slip lane near East Horndon.

But due to the high speeds he careered off the road and crashed into a lamppost - with the occupants then trying to flee on foot.

Two men have been arrested on suspicion of a number of offences.

Martin Terry, councillor in charge of community safety, slammed those responsible for Sunday’s incident, and said there has been a rise in boy racers since lockdown was lifted.

He said: “It really worries me. There’s a lot of families out on the road at the moment, especially with the nice weather.

“They could caused serious harm to themselves and others.

“Driving at that speed is bonkers. It’s just dreadful. We’ve also seen an upturn in aggressive driving throughout lockdown.

“People think if there’s nobody on the road they can drive as fast as they like. They’re not taking into account the risk they’re taking. There could have been a serious crash.

“I really hope police clamp down on it and the courts back them up and throw the book at them.”

The men were arrested on suspicion of aggravated theft of a motor vehicle and damage to a vehicle. One male was already wanted by police.

Martin Terry praised police for their efforts, adding: “It’s great work from police.

“It’s easy in these situations to deal problems like this.

“They have my full support.”

A spokesman from Essex Police, said: We were called just before 1.40pm on Sunday 9 August with reports of a stolen vehicle in St Johns Road, Westcliff. A pursuit was authorised. The car collided with a lamp post on the slip road off the A127 onto the A128. No injuries were reported.”