A RAPPER accused of raping a woman “never had any intention” but to go out for one drink, a court heard.

Olawale Hassan took to the witness box to give evidence in his trial at Basildon Crown Court today.

The 33-year-old of Falcone Avenue, Grays, also known by his stage name Goldie 1, is alleged to have raped a woman in his car outside Southend’s Genting Casino, on February 25, 2017

He denies three counts of rape and one count of sexual assault.

Hassan told the jury that prior to his arrest for the alleged incident he had “gone from a dark place to a light place” after serving time in jail.

He said: “When I came out, I started working, I started having kids, I had sons. I started in the music industry, I am a music producer.

“I produce music, I sing and I help people create their own sound and what not.

“It’s more of hip-hop UK rap stuff. Going to jail for that offence it taught me a lot, and when I came out I felt I had to make myself better.

“I chose the right path getting into families, until now when I got into this situation that I got myself arrested.

“I got married aged 21 and divorced aged 24 or 25.

“I was stressed out and I thought let me just go out, which I never do normally as I always have friends with me.

“That night, I do not know why I was alone that night. I met these two girls in Varsity and they welcomed me.”

Matthew Bagnall, Hassan’s barrister, questioned why he had gone to Southend in the first place.

Hassan said: “I had to help my mate with studio equipment. I had a little argument with the mum of my son, and then I said I was just going to go home, and had a little drink at Varsity.

“I never had any intentions, just to have a drink.

“I never go out alone and I do not know why I got myself into that situation.

“In the industry you’re in, I always have people around me just to protect me.”

He added: “One of the girls saying they knew a spot and I said ok, let’s do it.

“When they offered me more places to go that’s still open I offered them a lift.”

The trial continues.