A MAN threw a tirade of abuse at his wife after discovering she’d been having an affair in a “triple betrayal”.

Matthew Barks has been given a conditional discharge after admitting three counts of sending electronic communications to cause distress and anxiety.

The 43-year-old of Rainbow Road, Canvey, had been married for a number of years to the woman.

However, in September last year he discovered she was having an affair.

He discovered photos on an iPad of his wife and her new partner.

At Basildon Crown Court yesterday, Ian Clift, mitigating, said that Barks’ life “had collapsed around him” in the space of 24 hours.

He said: “He went to his sister-in-law’s house and he had discovered them all together.

“He was confronted with a triple betrayal. Everyone knew about it but him.

“He was in a heavily emotionally distressed state when he sent those messages.

“He had no idea this was going on until the discovery.”

The court heard that the messages Barks had sent to his wife included him saying he wanted to pour petrol over her and set her on fire.

The messages were sent between September 8 and 13 last year.

Judge Samantha Cohen told Barks: “Following the demise of your marriage you became extremely angry on the

discovery that your wife had began a relationship with someone else.

“Your anger was such that you behaved in an appalling, almost deranged fashion.

“You were consumed by your emotions.

“You repeatedly called her and sent her those threatening, vile and abusive messages.

“You sent them to her, her partner and her sister and you caused real damage when you did that.

“You caused her to fear what you might do in your anger.”

Barks was given a conditional discharge for two years and was given a restraining order against his ex-wife, her new partner and sister.