A LOVING couple who were married for 44 years died just days from each other after battling Covid-19.

William and Victoria Kemp were both 81 when they sadly passed away at Southend Hospital.

The pair, who were thought to have first met while working at MK Electrics in Progress Road, spent their lives together at their home on Western Approaches, Eastwood.

Victoria passed away on January 4 and William on January 8.

Their niece, Cheryl May, paid an emotional tribute to her aunt and uncle who “gave so much love and time” to everyone they met.

Cheryl, who lives in Portland, Victoria in Australia, would regularly speak with her aunt and uncle on the phone.

In 2007 she flew to England to meet Mr and Mrs Kemp.

Cheryl said: “They gave so much love and time to anybody that they stopped and chatted to.

“It was their lovely, warm, bubbly personality that touched everybody from the bus driver, to the hairdresser, to the lady who owned the shop they went in for their lunch each Monday.

“There’s not a person they came across that they didn’t touch in some way.

“I don’t think many people like that exist anymore in this day and age.

“They’ve left a big hole in the community, I know that much.”

Mr and Mrs Kemp could not have children of their own but did whatever they could to help other children in the community.

Cheryl added: “They were never able to have any children of their own so anything they could do for children they were happy to do.

“If I can aspire in life to be anything like the legacy that my auntie and uncle left behind, then I’ve done well in life.

“They’re people to look up to and I’m very honoured that they were my auntie and uncle.

“They had very open hearts. You didn’t feel like a stranger with them.”