A DRIVING instructor has successfully campaigned for misleading road signs to be corrected.

Tariq Musaji launched a website exposing signs around south Essex which were inconsistent with driving manuals and, after gaining the backing of Rayleigh and Wickford MP Mark Francois, Essex County Council has replaced several signs.

Mr Musaji, 43, of London Road, Billericay, began noticing as he drove around with his pupils that some signs were either displayed in the wrong order or gave motorists incorrect warnings.

He photographed almost a dozen signs and published them on a website, which he reported to Essex County Council, and four have now been corrected.

Mr Musaji said: “These signs are being funded by the public purse, so they should be correct.

“Someone new to the area, who may not be familiar with the road layout ahead, could be misled. It’s dangerous.

“I’m pleased my campaign has been worthwhile and made a difference.”

The signs corrected included hazard signs in Southend Road, Shotgate, which warned motorists there was an impending roundabout before a bend in the road, when the hazards are actually in the reverse order.

Signs in Laindon Link, Basildon, which indicated a zebra crossing followed by a mini-roundabout, rather than the other way round, have also been corrected, as have signs approaching traffic calming measures in High Road North, Laindon, telling motorists travelling in both directions to give way to one another.

After unsuccessfully campaigning to Essex County Council for six months, Mr Musaji wrote to Mr Francois, who represents Wickford, where his driving school, Farah Driver Training, is based.

Mr Francois said: “Inaccurate signage could be confusing to learner drivers and, indeed, to all motorists.

“I followed up these matters with Tracey Chapman, councillor responsible for highways at Essex County Council, and I was very pleased to note a number of the road signs Mr Musaji highlighted have now been amended or replaced, and that the outstanding ones he spotted are to be dealt with by the end of this financial year.”

Essex County Council said the reports were being investigated and action would be taken where necessary.

A spokesman added: “Essex County Council strives to ensure all road markings and signs are clear and correct.”