IT looks to be a particularly special launch of the next exhibition at the Focal Point Gallery.

Not only does the show, Duh? Art and Stupidity, feature work by the likes of Andy Warhol and Turner Prize nominee Bonnie Camplin, but it comes in conjunction with the gallery’s 25th anniversary celebration.

And to mark the event, C2C rail has sponsored the event, meaning visitors from out of Southend are being brought into the town for free.

Joe Hill, director of the Focal Point Gallery, said: “We are delighted to say that, due to the gallery’s 25th anniversary, we have been able to secure a sponsorship arrangement with C2C, that has meant we can offer this special service out of busy times.

“It is really fantastic that C2C want to get behind the town’s drive to be a cultural leader in the region. This relationship has developed through the Cultural Destinations Project lead by FOG’s Riah Pryor and that is supported by Visit England.

“Due to the positive work of the gallery, we have been asked to lead this countywide project, which will see a significant research project into cultural perceptions of Essex and a large amount of work connecting tourism and cultural activity across the region.

“Obviously, this arrangement with C2C will only be in place for this significant show, but we do want the main transport links of Southend (the airport and trains companies) to play a significant role in developing the relationship between tourism and culture in the town.

“This is one of the largest and most ambitious shows the gallery has ever undertaken, and as you can imagine, the gallery team is working flat out to secure and install some amazing artists, including Andy Warhol and Bonnie Camplin, who is currently nominated for this year’s Turner Prize.”

Duh? Art and Stupidity is a group exhibition featuring previously unseen works by around 30 artists, including Tariq Alvi, Bank, Bonnie Camplin, Gaylen Gerber, Judith Hapf, Larry Johnson, Erik van Lieshout, Clune Reid, Lily van Stokker, Annika Strom and Andy Warhol.

It looks at stupidity as a subject and a “tactic of art making”.

The opening event takes place at the gallery in Elmer Square, Southend, on Saturday, November 7, from 6pm until 8pm.