CONCERNED residents have been told to stop calling police over "dumped e-scooter", with council staff travelling across Basildon picking them up.

Essex Police has warned that the scooters aren't "stolen or dumped", with the e-scooters unable to be driven once they are left at the side of the road.

Spin, who launched their e-scooters in Basildon as part of a trial with Essex County Council, also have staff who collect the scooters which are left in weird and wonderful places.

The force has reassured residents that the scooters "won't work when the money runs out."


Spin's scooters are unlocked via thier smartphone app, costing around 20p per minute to use.

The trial of e-scooters in Basildon launched in early December.

A spokesman for Essex Police, said: "We have been receiving lots of calls with regards to e-scooters being stolen and dumped.

"To reassure you, the council scooters are orange and marked up with the word “SPIN”.

"They are approx 20pence a minute so when the money runs out, the scooter will no longer work and will have to be left where it stops.

"The council know where the scooters are and will arrange collection."