CONCORD Rangers will discover today whether their National League South encounter with Truro City will need to be replayed.

The clash, which took place at Treyew Road, was abandoned with less than 20 minutes remaining after Michael Hervé suffered a fractured humerus.

Medical staff were advised not to move the Frenchman and Truro chairman Peter Masters confirmed the two clubs will find out the outcome of the match today.

“The National League board will make a decision today,” Masters told BBC Radio Cornwall.

“I would be very, very disappointed and I would appeal if that game is not going to be played again at Treyew Road.

“I think what will happen is that the game will be replayed and we will share the gate so that Concord Rangers and ourselves won’t be out of pocket from a travelling point of view.

“We would argue that they were winning 1-0 with a lucky goal and we were pressing.”

Hervé suffered the injury in the closing stages of the fixture, which saw Concord leading thanks to Sam Ashford’s first half effort.

The meeting was abandoned after a lengthy delay and an ambulance was not on the scene until 7.30pm - three hours after the fixture was brought to a halt.

And Masters believes the referee should have called the game off earlier.

“The reality is once that injury happened at around 4.30pm, for me, it was game over,” added the Truro chairman.

“We couldn’t move him. The ambulance services told us not to move the patient at all, leave him on the pitch and make him comfortable.

“The lad was screaming and shouting because he was obviously in pain, so it was game over.

“I have spoken to Mike Tattersall, who is the chief executive of the National League, and went through the whole incident with him.

“He basically agreed that we had taken the right course of action and, indeed, the referee did.

“I know that Concord Rangers’ team was very keen to play the game and they were trying to get the player removed.

“But the physio was sticking fast, saying the lad is going nowhere and quite rightly so.

“The easiest thing in those situations is to blow the whistle - it’s game over.

“We were 1-0 down and I get all that, but I think we were pressing and don’t forget who actually caused the injury.”