JOHN Coventry will remain as East Thurrock United boss despite admitting he had questioned his future throughout the season.

Coventry, whose side suffered relegation after a three-year stay in the National League South, was tempted to quit after 11 years in charge.

But Coventry has confirmed he will remain in the Rookery Hill hotseat after rediscovering his enthusiasm for the job.

Coventry said: “A lot of people have asked what I’m doing at the end of the season and I seriously thought about calling it a day.

“I’ve been here for a total of 18 years, with 11 as manager, and the thought of stepping down crossed my mind.

“I thought we’ve been quite successful and it would have been a good time to get out.

“But the trouble is it’s not like any other job. You hear about clubs losing managers and someone else coming in.

“If I announced I was leaving, people would apply but they wouldn’t want to come to this club and do what has to be done.

“But, as the season went on, I was looking closer at the idea of packing up. I didn’t see anything changing my mind until about six weeks ago.

“I also didn’t want to walk away and people say it was because we got relegated - that’s not me.

“It’s been difficult for me but I’ve made a decision that I will stay going forward based on the enthusiasm I’m getting from the information I’m being given.

“I’m pleased it’s in a league lower because that gives you half a chance of putting together a squad that can compete in that league.

“It was an emotionally difficult season in that we won the Essex Senior Cup for the first time in the club’s history but then we got relegated. Although you know that going down is probably for the best, it’s tough to take.

“People ask me whether I'd go anywhere else but I don’t think anyone would even ask me.”

Coventry was also relieved to see a bitter High Court battle over the ownership of Rookery Hill come to an end in October.

Judge George Bompas found in favour of the current owners after Green King Brewery had threatened to close down and take possession of the Rookery Hill site.

And, with the proceedings now closed, Coventry believes the future of the club is bright.

“It’s been long reported that we will eventually sell this ground and move to another one,” added the East Thurrock chief.

“Court cases have also made national newspapers and all of these things have had an effect on us, but things have improved on that front.

“Things have come to a conclusion and I’m now told that the future is pretty good.

“We will wait and see how it develops because there are lots of things I don’t know.

“But for me, personally, hearing that news has given me a bit more enthusiasm.”