CONCORD Rangers have chosen to pull out of tomorrow’s trip to Hungerford Town as the National League continues to mull over whether to suspend the season.

Divisions such as the Premier League, Football League and Isthmian League chose to call off fixtures ahead of the weekend due to the coronavirus epidemic, but the National League decided to allow encounters in their respective tiers to go ahead.

And Beach Boys chairman Ant Smith confirmed he is not willing for his players, the majority of which are part-time, to waste time off when the National League South clash with Hungerford may not even go ahead.

Smith, in a statement, said: “Due to no new information as of 4.30pm, we have decided to withdraw from our fixture at Hungerford tomorrow evening.

“Our team and staff are predominantly made up of part-time players and volunteers who have had to book holiday time off tomorrow.

“In light of the UK’s situation, this is time off they do not need to waste.”