CONCORD Rangers chairman Ant Smith has warned ‘big non-league clubs’ will be in deep trouble unless fans are soon allowed back in to watch.

Supporters are currently only able to attend matches in Step Three and below.

And Smith feels that will start to put clubs at risk.

“I don’t think people fully understand the situation some of these clubs are in and I think you will find it’s the bigger clubs too,” said Smith.

“I would imagine some horrific debts have built up over the last few months.”

Concord will again be lining up in National League South this season.

And Smith does not understand why fans will not be able to attend.

“We can jump on aeroplanes, go to the supermarket, the cinema or the pub but we can’t go and stand outside to watch football so it’s just utter madness to me,” said Smith.

“It doesn’t make any sense and fans should definitely be allowed in.”

Concord have carried out work on their ground during the summer to enable a reduced number of fans to watch the games while adhering to social distancing measures.

But Smith feels fortunate his own club will not be among those most affected.

“I’m more fortunate than most because my budget is quite low and the amount of players I have on contract is quite low compared to other clubs too,” said Smith.

“But to not have that revenue for weeks and months is an absolute killer.”

Clubs are now calling for the situation to be changed and Smith has made his own feelings known on social media.

“For me it would be an easy fix,” said Smith.

“From below step three they are allowed a certain capacity so for me you could go down that route and say it’s allowed or allow us the amount we’ve been granted.”

But doubts still surround whether or not Concord’s season will start until fans are allowed to attend.

“Michael Tattersall has gone full circle,” said Smith.

“We had a meeting in July where he categorically said we would be starting whether there were fans or no fans.

“But the other night he told the managers in a meeting that if there were no fans we wouldn’t be starting.

“It’s gone full circle now but we all want the fans to be let back in.”

The League are also in discussions with the Government for financial help.